"During my 12-week program, I learned important information about eating healthy, being mindful of what you are eating and important information about exercise and workouts that I will continue to use for the rest of my life. 

Jen tailored my program specifically for me, making my program unique to my weight loss goals, nutrition goals and food preferences. With Jen’s help, I lost a healthy amount of weight, gained muscle and improved my overall health. Jen was extremely helpful in keeping me on track and keeping me accountable. I saw her as a partner in my weight loss journey as she continually provided support. She was with me each step of the way ensuring I was staying on track and able to follow my meal plan and exercise plan. Her positive outlook inspired me to keep going even at times when I started to become burnt out. She was there to support me and to build me up. She encouraged me to be honest with myself about what I was eating, accept it and change it. Eating was the most difficult part for me but Jen was willing and able to work with me to build a meal plan that I was able to stick to. The exercises she provided me with were at my skill level and were easy to follow. I learned exercises I can do at home or at the gym that I will continue to use.

I saw a significant improvement not only in my weight and health but in my confidence and self-esteem as well. I am extremely grateful for this experience and for Jen’s help!"

-Mariah Krupowicz, age 23




"Working with Jen has been awesome in all aspects of this process.  Being 2 months post partum and trying to deal with 3 little ones, hormones, accountability, and just trying to get on point for myself and my kids, it was a lot of pressure to say the least.  Jen took some of that pressure off my shoulders and gave me the plan to guide me to being the better, healthier version of me!  She took all guesswork and doubt out and assured me I was still on track even though I was sometimes blinded.  Her checkins were efficient and knowledgeable.  She has been great and made me feel that she was right beside me the entire way!  I couldn't have asked for more and I look forward to utilizing her knowledge in the future!"

-Jenn Byrd, age 33